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Deciphering Placebo, Tolerability, Safety & Efficacy in Clinical Trials


Deciphering Placebo, Tolerability, Safety & Efficacy in Clinical Trials

WKS Description

Join us for an enlightening workshop designed to demystify the critical components of clinical trials: placebo, safety, and efficacy. This comprehensive session will equip you with a clear understanding of these foundational concepts and their significance in the development and evaluation of new medical treatments.

Key Benefits

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, researcher, or simply interested in the field of clinical research, this workshop will provide valuable knowledge and insights. Join us to enhance your understanding of the critical elements that drive successful and ethical clinical trials.

Topics to be covered

Discover the purpose and function of placebos in clinical trials. Explore how placebos help in differentiating the effects of a treatment from the psychological impact of receiving medical care.

Learn the definitions and importance of safety and efficacy in clinical research. Understand how these measures are assessed and monitored throughout the trial phases.

Analyze the potential risks and benefits involved in clinical trials. Gain insights into how these factors are balanced to ensure the well-being of participants and the integrity of the study.


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