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Informed Consent & Participating in Clinical Trials


Informed Consent & Efficacy in Clinical Trials

WKS Description

Join us for an informative workshop designed to demystify the process and provide you with essential knowledge to make informed decisions about participating in clinical research.

Key Benefits

This workshop is ideal for individuals considering participation in clinical trials, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in learning more about the ethical and procedural aspects of clinical research. Join us to empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate the world of clinical trials confidently and ethically.

Topics to be covered

Learn about the critical role of the ICF in clinical trials. Understand its purpose, the information it contains, and why it is a fundamental part of ensuring ethical standards and participant safety in research.

Discover the importance of signing the ICF and the scenarios when it is required. We will explain the legal and ethical significance of this document and how it protects your rights as a participant.

Explore the concept of compassionate use, also known as expanded access, and understand how it allows patients to access investigational treatments outside of clinical trials. We will discuss the criteria, application process, and what to consider when seeking compassionate use options.


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