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Reimbursement Effortless procedure for all conference delegates.

Efficient reimbursement for conference attendees



Reimbursement of travel expenses is available exclusively for one designated representative per Association.

Covered expenses encompass tickets, fuel (car compensation in Europe: 0.5€/km), tolls, parking fees, and taxi transfers (from home address to departure point, venue hotel, and return).

Delegates are responsible for booking their own flight or train tickets, adhering to specific requirements: Economy class for flights and second class for trains. Flight expenses are capped at 600€, covering economy class seat and regular baggage fees, excluding extra baggage fees.

Expenditures beyond coverage, such as flight upgrades, extra baggage fees, additional nights, room extras, carrier charges, internet charges, food and drinks, or extra taxi transfers, are considered extra costs and are not reimbursable.

Reimbursement will be granted only upon proof of payment.