SEGM 2024

Sjögren Europe’s Meeting 2024

Unlocking Clinical Trials: From Design, to Participation and Beyond. & General Assembly 2024

6&7 December 2024 Lisbon, Portugal

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Key Benefits

Equip patients with the knowledge to confidently navigate clinical trials from design to participation.

Help patients guide through the intricacies of clinical trial processes and unravel the often confusing terminologies and principles.

Highlight the significance of patients rights and responsibilities. 

Empower patients to understand and utilize clinical trial outcomes to advocate for better treatments.

We celebrate the power and the resilience of our members, the unwavering hope that drives us forward in our journey towards better health and awareness.

Welcome Note from the Sjögren Europe’s Board

Dear Members, Patients, and Supporters,

Welcome to the 2024 Sjögren Europe’s Meeting in the beautiful and vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal! It is with great enthusiasm that we gather on December 6th and 7th to make this year’s meeting that holds a special focus on clinical trials, a crucial element in the advancement of Sjögren’s treatment and care.

The theme, “Unlocking Clinical Trials: From Design to Participation and Beyond” underscores the vital role that each of you plays in shaping the future of medical research and patient care. We have carefully selected our workshops that are designed to equip you with knowledge and tools, transforming complex concepts into accessible insights. 

Your participation and voice are the cornerstone of our efforts. Every shared story, every question, and every insight contributes to a greater understanding and awareness of Sjögren’s disease. Together, we are a powerful force – patients, caregivers, researchers, and advocates – united by a common goal to improve the lives of those affected by this disease.

Let us take this opportunity to celebrate our collective strength, acknowledge the struggles we face, and embrace the hope we cultivate every day. Your courage and perseverance inspire us all. As we embark on these two days of learning and collaboration, remember that you matter the most. You are not alone in this journey.

Thank you for your commitment, and for your unwavering hope. Together, we can and will make a difference.

Welcome to Lisbon.
Welcome to the future of Sjögren Europe’s research and care.

Warmest regards,

Sjögren Europe’s Board


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Deciphering Placebo, Tolerability, Safety, & Efficacy in Clinical Trials

An enlightening workshop designed to demystify the critical components of clinical trials: placebo, tolerability

Informed Consent and Participating in Clinical Trials

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Demystifying Clinical Trial Results: Access and Interpretation

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05 Dec, 2024


06 Dec, 2024

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07 Dec, 2024

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08 Dec, 2024


Speakers Line-Up

The organizing committee have announced an impressive line-up of speakers, including industry experts and thought leaders from around Europe!

Katy Antonopoulou

Sjögren Europe President

Ana Vieira

Sjögren Europe V. President

Coralie Bouillot

Sjögren Europe General Secretary

Joyce Koelewijn-Tukker

Sjögren Europe Treasurer

Mascha Oosterbaan

Sjögren Europe Member


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