SEGM 2024

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Accommodation: Unparalleled hospitality awaits distinguished delegates.

Elevate your conference experience with premium accommodation tailored for you.



Hotel: To be announced soon!!

All delegates will be accommodated at the venue hotel where SEGM2024 will be held. 

Accommodation arrangements for Sjögren Europe’s member representatives are scheduled as follows:

  • One (1) representative per country
  • Single room occupancy, including breakfast
  • Three (3) nights
  • Check-in: Thursday, December 5th, 2024
  • Check-out: Sunday, December 8th, 2024

Please note that the city tax per person, per night is not included in the accommodation price. Members are responsible for paying this tax before check-out.

Accommodation Preferences

  1. If a personal assistant (P.A.) is mandatory for a representative, no extra charges will apply. However, travel expenses for the P.A’s. are not reimbursed.
  2. If a representative is accompanied by a second adult person (who is not a P.A.), extra charges will apply for the second person under certain conditions.
  3. Representatives wishing to extend their stay (either before or after the event) must send a written request to the SEGM2024 Event Organizer Liaison, attn: Mrs. Niki Mita, as soon as possible in order to check availability. Extra charges will apply.

Detailed information for each category can be found within the registration form.


Important Notes

  • Expenses incurred during your stay that are not included in the scheduled arrangements will be charged at check-out.
  • Reservations will be made based on the information provided in the submitted form.
  • Please note that the Conference Organising Bureau is responsible only for bookings related to the primary member representative of each association and the keynote speakers.
  • Booking arrangements for other delegates are not within the scope of the Bureau’s responsibilities.