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Sjögren Europe

A European federation of national associations representing Sjögren’s patients.

Sjögren Europe is a European federation of national associations representing Sjögren’s patients. Its mission is to enhance visibility, garner attention, and find solutions for Sjögren’s by promoting the advancement of knowledge, research, information, treatment, and care. The organization fosters patient involvement and participation in scientific research, medical and health institutions, political bodies, the pharmaceutical industry, and social sectors. Additionally, Sjögren Europe is dedicated to raising awareness about Sjögren’s at all levels.

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Exceptional hospitality and state-of-the-art conference facilities await you.


Registration is mandatory so we will be very glad if you fill up the registration form.


All delegates will be accommodated at the venue hotel where SEGM2024 will be held.


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Expenses will be reimbursed and will be granted only upon proof of payment. 


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Sjögren Europe’s Members (Full & Associate). 

Country representatives are exempt from the registration fee.

Additional costs may apply to certain delegate categories for meals and sightseeing events; however, participation in these activities is optional. Detailed information about these additional expenses can be found here.

Registration is mandatory, find more information by clicking here.

Ticket issuance is not within the scope of the Conference Organising Bureau’s responsibilities.

Members are responsible for booking their own flights or train tickets and must handle any necessary changes themselves.

Reservations will be processed based on the information provided in the submitted form and will be handled by the Conference Organising Bureau, Alpha Public Relations (Attention: Mrs. Niki Mita).

Booking arrangements for other delegates are not within the scope of the Bureau’s responsibilities.

*Please note that the Conference Organising Bureau is responsible only for reservations related to the primary member representative of each association and the keynote speakers.

The meeting is currently scheduled to take place on-site, with no live streaming available.

However, the proceedings will be accessible on-demand after the meeting concludes, and they will be available here.

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